zCatch Server Modification

If you want to participate in developing the zCatch modification, you can do so by forking the github repository, modify the code and create a pull request on github for review.

Github Repository of zCatch: click here

The best approach is to check out the open issues that you might want to fix, the issues are tagged appropriately in order to alow people that are new to open source software development to participate in this proect easily.

The currently open issues can be found here: click here

Some basic knowledge of C/C++ is required in order to participate, but a general basic understanding of C-like languages like Java might be enough to fix the ‘good first’ issues.

zCatch Maps

If you have had enough of CTF5, you might want to get started with creating your own map that might be added to the official repository of zCatch maps. In order to add a map for review, you can navigate to the zactch-maps repository on Github and create a new issue here. The best approach is to upload multiple screenshots of your map, one without the gamelayer and one with the gamelayer visible. And lastly do not forget to upload the map itself as an attachment to the issue.

zCatch Events (tournaments/mapping contests)

If you want to host a zCatch tournament or some other kind of event, you can easily contect me and I might either help or provide servers to host those events. Contact: discord.gg/teeworlds @jxsl13

zCatch Server Moderation Tools

If you want to propose some features for the moderation tools, you might do so in one of the following repositories:

If you want to participate in the development of these tools, you may need to have a basic understanding of the Go programming language.