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About zCatch

zCatch is a last man standing type of gamemode. One could say it’s one of the first battle royale Teeworlds modifications that exists. It has a long history and quite a few developers have been working on it for a long time.

The current version that can be concidered to be the one for Teeworlds 0.7 has been developed from scratch and is based on the experience from the previous versions of zCatch and Teeworlds.

The gamemode is based on a German game that is usually played in PE(physical education) classes at school. It’s called Zombieball. Each player has a ball (in the Teeworlds implementation a weapon) that is used to catch other players. Each caught player has to leave the playground and will watch until the player that caught them either catches everyone else or is caught by someone else. A player catching everyone else without being caught will win the game.

In Teeworlds zCatch has different weapon modes. Contrary to Vanilla Teeworlds, each weapon kills other players instantly. This is called instagib. Thus zCach belongs to the category of instagib gamemodes. zCatch is a fast paced last man standing game mode that can optionally reward players with score points for each win.

Setting up your own server

Thanks to github it is easy to provide ready to use server executables that can be used on the major three operating systems without much of a compiling hassle.


First of all you will have to download the gameserver. You can find the latest version here. You will have to click on the most top commit message in order to get a list of releases for different operating systems. As nighly versions are not kept alive forever, you have the alternative to download the lastest stable release from here

Choose your version and unzip the archive. In case of a problem, you can use Google to learn how to unpack those archive formats.


The next step is to create a configuration for your server. First of all you create a file called autoexec.cfg in the same directory as the zcatch_srv (executable). The name autoexec.cfg is a special name that is used by default for every Teeworlds server. It is the file that is used as the configuration file (must be located in the same folder as the executable) when no custom file is passed via the ./zcatch -f custom.cfg flag.

To configure the server, you can use this extended example configuration from the github wiki. The configuration shown there is the content of your autoexec.cfg text file.

Starting the server

In order to start the server on Windows, you can then simply double click on the zcatch_srv.exe executable file.

On Linux and macOS you will have to navigate from a terminal to the unzipped folder with cd ~/Downloads/teeworlds-0.7.x-osx/. In order to see the directory contents, you can execute the ls command. If the autoexec.cfg file is in the same directory as the zcatch_srv executable, all you need to do is to execute the file with ./zcatch_srv. In case of some permission error, you execute chmod +x zcatch_srv and retry executing the gameserver with ./zcatch_srv again. If you want to use a custom filename for your configuration file, you can pass that file path when starting the server as shown above. Windows does also offer the PowerShell as well as the classic cmd.exe that allows you to navigate your operating system in a terminal. The PowerShell works a lot like the Unix-based operating systems and offers the same commands like cd /path/to/directory/ and ls. In order to execute the server on a Windows machine, you will do the same as with Linux and macOS, but will have to use ./zcatch_srv.exe instead of ./zcatch_srv.